Saturday, February 5, 2011

The New Zealand Sketchbook

Dan and I spent almost two months walking, hitchhiking and taking buses around New Zealand. I wanted to document our adventures and these sketchbook drawings are the result. We arrived in Auckland then from there set out to see as much of the country as possible. Most of our stay was spent on the South Island, which was incredibly beautiful and offered some great (and because of continent sized blisters at times painful) hiking experiences. While on the South Island we followed a route that started in Picton then made its way to the west coast via the Heaphy Track, Copeland Pass, Westport, Fox Glacier and onto Queenstown, the Fiordlands, the Kepler Track and then back north with stops at Mt. Cook Village and Christchurch. New Zealand has some really nice towns but our main goal was to explore the trail systems and get into the backcountry. So here is the account of some places we went and things we saw...... 

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